LISTEN: Cat Turner – ‘Waster’

Don’t you just love it when you hear something new and exciting, coming from an unexpected place? This is what you’ll get when you hear the Irish alt-electro-pop artist Cat Turner for the first time. Based in Galway, she brings something fresh and slightly twisted to the genre with her unique crafting of ‘goth pop’, featuring angst-ridden lyrics delivered with raw emotion, and a clever crafting of seductive synth.  

Self-producing for just a year, her new single ‘Waster’ is the taster track from her forthcoming debut EP, Contrast. The song showcases the contrasts that a young woman faces as an internal battle between the strong driven part of the ‘self’ opposes the weaker side. These themes are also prevalent in the music, powerfully expressed through Cat’s bruising, raw vocals (like a female Kurt Cobain);  an immediate contrast to the classic ’80s/’90s sound of the synth which spiral you into the song. You’re being lured in, and then spat out as the song unfolds.

Intensity rises in the first verse as the stronger side addresses the weaker side – “Can you stand up, please try because you’re wasting time/ Take a backseat, I’ll drive.” You can almost hear Turner spitting in anger through the vocal delivery, more suited to a rock song than an electro song; and again this is another powerful contrast.

The pain of the struggle is evident – “It’s breaking my back, creeping into my spine” – as, towards the middle of the song, the weaker side has ‘dug her grave’. The pace of the music slows briefly before building up once more in an intoxicating rush of synth-filled drum beats and emotion.

Contrast, the debut EP from Cat Turner, is out now.


Fi Ni Aicead

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