WATCH: Show Boy – ‘Heart Is An Apple’

Having built a reputation across the capital for their dazzling, energy-filled live shows, London’s Show Boy are back with a captivating new video.

Whilst a step away from the sparkling glam pop of previous offering ‘Empress‘, what ‘Heart Is An Apple’ lacks in glitter, it no doubt makes up for in sweeping emotion and rich lyrical content. Filled with twinkling, whirring hooks and the distinctive smooth vocals and impassioned falsetto of front-man Jovis, it oozes an instantly infectious, soaring pop-strewn splendour.

To experience the song to its full potential, however, you really should watch the video. A glorious, 100% handmade, stop-motion animation – with everything you see completely lovingly crafted, and filmed, by Jovis – it follows the endearing plight of two characters on an arduous arctic adventure, before one of them meets their tragic end in the mouth of Show Boy keyboardist Dan.

Of the track, Jovis explains:

“It’s essentially about a desire to escape the boring, predictable parts of your life and go on an adventure into the unknown. To find new excitement in your relationships, break through that layer of passivity and feel stronger emotions. I was listening a lot to the Joni Mitchell album Night Ride Home while writing this and, although it doesn’t sound similar at all, I definitely had that exciting night journey vibe in my head all the time. Sadly the journey doesn’t end too well for the characters in the video, so I suppose too much adventure can also be a bad thing…”

Watching ‘Heart Is An Apple’ it’s clear that Show Boy have created something truly exquisite; epic in its understated emotive power and inspired artistry.

Catch Show Boy live at their single launch this Friday 18th May at The Shacklewell Arms.

Mari Lane

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