Track Of The Day: Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something – ‘Heaven On A Plate’

Following the release of their debut EP Someone Else To Blame last year, and having just wowed us at Get In Her Ears live at The Finsbury, Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something are back with a dreamy new single. The first time that the band has truly written in a collaborative way, ‘Heaven On A Plate’ was simply jammed out in practice about three times and the results seemed too perfect to interfere with. 

A bittersweet ode to putting up with situations and people whilst maintaining a facade of grim determination, ‘Heaven On A Plate’ is a soaring slice of glitzy psych-rock. As Jemma’s sweeping vocals flow with an hypnotic majesty, eerie hooks underpin catchy melodies, taking your ears on a spacey sonic journey. With their vibrant charisma and immense guitar-playing skills, JFATC have once again created something truly captivating. 

Of the inspiration behind the track, Jemma explains:

I was inspired by the multi dimensional nature of the world’s evoked within science fiction novels (of which I am big fan) and the idea of hiding your true feelings when you are in certain scenarios or spaces. It’s also about mental illness and the distractions you can use as subterfuge to throw people off and avoid confrontation.

Filmed with ‘cosmic’ film-maker Taylan Mutaf, the accompanying video was inspired by the surreal performances on ’70s shows such as The Old Grey Whistle Test, and is a wonderfully trippy, kaleidoscopic work of art. 

Mutaf wrote some words about the filming of the video (whilst he was at sea on an unpowered boat exploring old trade routes!):

Jemma and myself had a chance to collaborate last year at a live performance of them at a small venue in our neighbourhood. We used 9:16 format and used multiple screens which made the video look like a kaleidoscope… When Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something was planning their next single release Jemma got in touch and told me about their idea for a new performance video for ‘Heaven On A Plate’. They had the idea of the studio, cosmic portraits and the footage from artist Lucietta Williams who created their own digital pin-hole camera… I  combined these ideas with a crystal lens, over layered images, and gelling everything together by filming the final edit with a very dusty high 8 camera that we found in Cosmic bassist Mark’s studio. I felt like a carpenter who works with a beautiful block of wood with the great tools that was given to me. I treated it step by step and I am so proud of the final product. ‘Heaven On A Plate’ was a great collaboration to be a part of and I really feel lucky to work with Jemma Freeman.”

Watch the epic, other-worldly video for ‘Heaven On A Plate’ now:

Catch Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something live this Wednesday, 25th July, at The Five Bells in New Cross, with fellow GIHE faves Scrounge!

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Suzi Corker

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