Track Of The Day: Ouri – ‘Escape’

Offering listeners an opportunity to immerse themselves in her atmospheric, carefully curated beats: Multi-instrumentalist, DJ & electronic producer Ouri has shared her latest single ‘Escape’.

Taken from her upcoming EP We Share Our Blood – set for release on September 28th via Ghostly International – ‘Escape’ is a cleanly cut, impressive example of Ouri’s production skills. Speaking about her new EP, she says: “As I continue to create music, I want the whole experience to be even more raw. No one else is included for this one; from writing to mastering, the process is direct from me to the listener”.

It’s this assertiveness that’s allowed Ouri to hone her vision. In 2017, she released her debut album Superficial, on which she mixed her truth with chaos. Her obsession with strong sensations, femininity and this same truth makes up the heart of this record. In late 2017, she joined forces with Montreal-based singer-songwriter Mind Bath, and dropped a surprise self-titled EP. The Ouri / Mind Bath EP features both tenderness and aggressiveness, and balances the femininity and masculinity of the two artists.

We’re keen to hear more from her upcoming album, and ‘Escape’ is a great starting point. Watch the video below and follow Ouri on Facebook for more updates.

Pre-order your copy of We Share Our Blood here.

Photo credit: Maiko Rodrig

Kate Crudgington

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