WATCH: HAVVK – ‘Glass’

Back and with a newly amended moniker, GIHE faves HAVVK (formally HAWK) have marked their rebrand with the re-release of their bewitching single ‘Glass’.

Originally written in 2015, and released in the run up to the Irish Marriage Equality Referendum, ‘Glass’ addresses themes of conflict and resolution. Completely remastered with help from the awesome Rocky O’Reilly, it’s filled with twinkling hooks as the majestic splendour of front woman Julie’s celestial vocals will captivate in an instant. Oozing an eerie subtle power and magnetising grace, it shows HAVVK at their most exquisite – doing what they do best; combining activism with their unique musical prowess.

Of the meaning behind the song, Julie explains:

“For us, the meaning of the song became connected with the collected voice that was rising in Ireland, especially among young people, in standing up for equality. We’re re-releasing the track as it’s always been really special to us, and with the Repeal vote getting pushed through this year, it feels like more and more people are seeing the impact of voicing their support for human rights.” 

Inspired visually by the Pride rainbow and directed by James Byrne, watch the immersive new video for ‘Glass’ here:

Mari Lane

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