Track Of The Day: Peach Club – ‘Boy In A Band’

I first became aware of Norwich Riot Grrrls Peach Club seeing them support The Tuts at The George Tavern a couple of years back, and have been pretty much blown away by everything I’ve heard from them since. Now, following the release of their second EP, Cherry Baby, earlier this year, they’ve released a powerfully seething new single.

Delivering an important message with a tongue-in cheek wit, ‘Boy In A Band’ is a gritty, raging attack on those ‘boys in bands’ that we’ve all come across; those disgusting guys who use their self-proclaimed ‘fame’ to take advantage of young women.

With a raw ferocity, thrashing hooks and driving beats, ‘Boy In A Band’ builds with a frenzied energy to a riotous anthem, blasting into the ears with a racing sense of urgency. And rightly so. We need voices like Peach Club’s now more than ever; a voice that gives motivation and inspiration to girls and women to speak out and be heard in order to prevent the damaging actions of certain boys in bands continuing to be swept under the carpet (or even accepted as the norm) within the music industry.

Channelling anger into a wonderful outpouring of raucous energy, and with exceptionally powerful lyrics like “Why don’t we go back to my tour van? Doesn’t matter that you’re a little girl and that I’m a man! / I’ll take advantage, I’ll make you feel small
and then I’ll deny it all…” , ‘Boy In A Band’ is the song we all need to hear this summer.



And don’t miss Peach Club headlining for our Blogtober event at The Finsbury on 12th October – we can’t wait!

Mari Lane

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