WATCH: Valeska Rautenberg – ‘I Am Weak And So Are You’

Berlin artist Valeska Rautenberg has released her latest EP Aerial Minds, the first of a series of four EPs dedicated to one of the four elements. To accompany the record, Valeska has shared a delicate set of visuals for track ‘I Am Weak And So Are You’, and through flashes of red and blue she ruminates on vulnerability.

Valeska has worked as a musician, producer, teacher, composer & voice-over actress, but began releasing her own music again in 2017. Speaking about her new EP project, Valeska explains: “The EPs are like parts of an equation, like puzzle pieces to me. Every song is a facet. An element. But whole on their own. Let’s start with air: all four songs, though they vary in genre, explore the EP’s main theme; the element air. Capturing the intangible, ethereal and unthinkable in their own very unique ways. It gets political, deals with loss, falls in love with human weaknesses and much more”

‘I Am Weak And So Are You’ is the third single Valeska has released from her Aerial Minds EP, alongside ‘Midnight Children’ and ‘All Is Forgotten’. Her ambition and vision are sure to take her to where she wants to be. Watch the video for the latest single below and follow Valeska on Facebook for more updates.

Downlaod Valeska Rautenberg’s Aerial Minds EP here.

Kate Crudgington

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