Track Of The Day: Ailbhe Reddy – ‘Shame’

With her latest poignant single, Ailbhe Reddy’s Emerald Isle roots shine through with her strong, Celtic vocals. 

‘Shame’ perfectly encapsulates the stigma which surrounds depression as well as the perception society has of the illness. “I also wanted to write a song about depression which you could kinda dance to.” Reddy admits, and – given that dancing helps relieve the symptoms of depression – Shame is so much more than simply a showcase of Reddy’s talents.

Steady clicks of the beat draw us into the track as an electo-pop current rides on the waves underneath light, airy harmonies. Reddy’s vocals contain the strength of her Irish heritage as she sings “I try not to let it win, but it’s so deeply engrained.” A minimalist approach to the track places more emphasis on the importance of the subject, as the bass gently builds before the passionate outburst of the bridge.

There has been more openness in recent years within the music industry on the topic of mental health and ‘Shame’ is a track which poignantly opens up the discussion again with a touching frankness.

‘Shame’ is out now. Stream on Spotify.

Nicky Lee-Delisle

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