WATCH: Barbarella’s Bang Bang – ‘Cowboy Job’

Dust off your stetsons and straw bales, because Barbarella’s Bang Bang have shared visuals for their latest single ‘Cowboy Job’, and it’s a rockabilly rodeo you don’t want to miss out on. Released via their own label Barbarella Records, the song is a twisted ode to a past relationship.

Fronted by Barbara Pugliese, Barbarella’s Bang Bang are comprised of members originating from Italy, Latvia and London – so their garage-rock sound is infused with influences from classical to punk rock. The ironically titled ‘Cowboy Job’ takes a story of heartbreak and reforms it into one of empowerment.

“This is the first time that I’ve written about something that gave me a lot of grief, with groove”, Barbara explains. “In regards to the satire within the lyrics, I must say, it’s been a very efficient healing method. With humour, the weight of something heavy gets lighter and we can get over things a bit easier. I’m actually grateful for having encountered this in my life, I was inspired a lot artistically. Let’s say that there’s sometimes a pearl to be found in the trash!”

Regarding the video, the band added, “The concept of the video of ‘Cowboy Job’ was to create wonky western Arizona scenery made out of cardboard that would visually reflect a ‘cowboy job style’. We tried our best to come out with some acting episodes that would portray the anger, laughter, humour, charm, and deception conveyed from the narrative of the song…and we did a pretty good job! The team involved in the making of the video were all close mates who are amazingly talented artists and helped efficiently within the process of filming the video… it’s all about the collective spirit and DIY!”

We’re fans of BBB’s DIY endeavours! Watch the video for ‘Cowboy Job’ below and follow Barbarella’s Bang Bang on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Lou Smith

Kate Crudgington

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