Track Of The Day: Hussy – ‘Slayer’

Playing, recording and layering all her music herself, South London based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sophie Nicole Ellison – aka Hussy – has now released a brand new single.

Oozing jangly, twinkling melodies and a sparkling effervescent charm, ‘Slayer’ flows with Ellison’s luscious rich vocals and catchy hooks. As swirling layers of sound are interwoven with a gritty emotion-strewn edge and reflective heartfelt lyricism, a euphoric slice of dreamy indie pop is created. Of the track, Ellison explains:

Slayer comes from a place of feeling stuck and willing for something better to
come around, disappearing into your own head… I was feeling frustrated and in a stagnant place, not knowing how to move forward while still burning myself at both ends. A common theme for many twenty somethings of searching for validation through your work. I wanted to
take the listener through the journey of a weird headspace and how you deal with those emotions.”


‘Slayer’ forms half of a double A-side release, along with ‘Playtime‘.

Mari Lane

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