Track Of The Day: Merely – ‘Mystery Garden’

She’s often billed as synth pop, but Merely’s latest release, ‘Mystery Garden’, shows that she doesn’t easily fit inside the pop box. Instead, the single would be better described as romantic electronica – like William Blake has got hold of an interface and downloaded Ableton Live.

The track renders an organic landscape using digital sounds and is equal parts soothing and unsettling: contradictions held together by Merely’s ear for melody and clever production. Fans of Bjork’s Utopia will enjoy this – though it has a mellower, more synthesised feel.

‘Mystery Garden’ is romantic in the sense of Coleridge wandering through a woodland after eating some opium, rather than romantic in the sense of a Hallmark card, but perhaps fittingly, it’s out on Valentine’s day.

Merely is the moniker of classically-trained instrumentalist and vocalist Kristina Florrell, who is based in Sweden. Should you happen to be in Göteborg this week, you can catch her playing on Friday 15th, at the launch show for the new album, Hatching the Egg.


Hatching The Egg, the new album from Merely, is out 14th February via YEAR0001.

Frances Salter

Photo Credit: David Chocron

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