LISTEN: Gaygirl – ‘Sick Note’

“Come to the bad side” invite Gaygirl, somewhere between seduction and apathy, on their latest single, ‘Sick Note’. Architects of alt-grunge pop that they have self-described as “a bit noisy really”, Gaygirl’s latest delivery boasts bittersweet crooning over serrated guitars with high-pitched inflections, epitomising the angsty indifference so typified by ’90s youth.

To cement the feeling of being an outcast, Gaygirl invite you to suspend your own sense of self, encapsulated with the line “I can’t tell if it’s myself”. Their innovative manipulation of the genre ensures that ‘Sick Note’ offers more than just a nostalgic kick.

Having recently been signed to Roadkill Records, the horizon looks promising for Gaygirl. Continuing to deliver their well-crafted blend of grunge and gloomy pop. they’ve risen to prominence in the London gigging scene, having supported the likes of Shame, Sorry and Gabrille Cohen in the last year alone.

Listen to ‘Sick Note’ here:


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Amy Barker

Photo Credit: Keira-Anee Photography

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