Track Of The Day: Anteros – ‘Drive On’

The death of the Earth by plastic is imminent, right…? Anteros’ new single ‘Drive On’ pragmatically splices alt-pop with perfect candour, drawing attention to our methodless attitude to recycling and plastic waste.

A backwards burp of meandering, digitalised melody and robotic Star Wars-esque cries are braided with clean-cut guitar and bracing drums. Meanwhile, lead singer Laura Hayden poses bewitchingly as an angel, wings and all. Our saving grace.

In an elegantly effortless fashion, Hayden sings of a dreamlike vision of a better world, carrying on “through the wasteland”, whilst embracing her inner ballerina, twirling and cocooning herself with giant sheets of plastic wrap. This chorus is like a plague, easily infectious, hard to get rid of, and surely will be the death of me…However, despite the sinister undertones that we’re living in badlands, ‘Drive On’ remains ironically upbeat and anthemic, with its spangles of chirpy guitar and jangly dancefloor tempo.

I just wonder what they did with all that plastic after they filmed the video. Until I find out, I’ll just enjoy the tune…

When We Land, the debut album from Anteros, is out 22nd March via Distiller Records.

Megan Berridge

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