LIVE: Our Girl @ The Southbank Centre, 06.03.19

Following last year’s debut album Stranger Today, we’ve been massive fans of the lush, fuzzed out sounds of Our Girl. And so last week, having already supported Bill Ryder Jones in Queen Elizabeth Hall last year, we were excited to catch them live in The Purcell Room, at my favourite place in London – The Southbank Centre – last week.

Immediately captivating the intimate seated crowd, Soph, Josh and Lauren kick off the set with the delicate, twinkling romanticism of ‘I Really Like It’, and that’s me gone – instantly welling up to the fuzzy, scuzzy loveliness flowing into my ears. I should point out I’m feeling a little fragile lately, but I’m sure I’d have been overcome with emotion regardless…

Continuing with the sparkling charm of ‘Being Around’, the trio ooze shades of the other-worldly splendour of Warpaint, whilst retaining their own unique command of all they do, as Lauren’s thrashing beats complement the interplay between Soph and Josh perfectly. Employing a completely immersive energy throughout, Our Girl continue with the atmospheric scuzz and scintillating riffs of ‘Two Life’, before building with a sparkling intensity to the raw, raging climax of ‘Josephine’.

Treating us to songs from both Stranger Today and The Bedroom Record, the band showcase their ability to fluctuate between a gritty fuzz-filled energy and a luscious dreamy haze seamlessly. And, whilst some bands may not have found the prospect of performing to such an intimate, seated crowd appealing, Soph assures us that they’re happy with it: “It’s nice and quiet… I like it. It’s calming, but scary at the same time.”

From the beautifully delicate tenderness of ‘Sub Rosa’ to the swirling energy of ‘In My Head’, or the seething whirlwind of sound flowing from ‘Boring’, Our Girl’s ethereal majesty is a true delight to witness; leaving each one of the seated audience members utterly spellbound.

Mari Lane

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