Track Of The Day: Death Of The Maiden – ‘Tess’

Oxford’s Death Of The Maiden are serving us new single ‘Tess’, taken from their upcoming album The Girl With A Secret Fire.

Safe to say that this track is sublimely unique! Evoking a style which the band describe as ‘baroque pop’, Death of a Maiden are producing something innovative in the feminist, riot grrrl scene. While the title refers to Hardy’s classic, Tess of the d’Urbervilles, the clever lyrics and the narrative that is offered is both timeless and current. ‘Tess’ takes you on a journey and makes the listener empathise with the main character, who is given a voice to express her story and her sorrow.

Climaxing with cleverly crafted “oohs”, which metaphorise the sound of the main character crying out in despair, it’s a track rich in imagery, bringing to mind an immersive film soundtrack complementing a strong visual.

Death Of The Maiden are a breath of fresh air, and ‘Tess’ is a shining example of why the band should be fast recognised for their songwriting mastery.

The Girl With A Secret Fire, the upcoming album from Death Of The Maiden, is out 29th March. And we’re looking forward to Death Of The Maiden playing for us at The Finsbury on 12th April!


Janelle Borg

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