Track Of The Day: Gulls – ‘Shop’

Brighton trio Gulls take on consumerism and gentrification in new “#punkrockemopop” banger. ‘Shop’ uses heavy guitar riffs and loudly spoken words to battle gentrification of their hometown Brighton and the way that consumerism by the general public helps it to move.

Rhi Kavok, self-titled “punk-poet”, uses her lyrics to express her distaste for high-end brands and upset about community assets being shut down perfectly in this track.

The punk movement, especially in the last few years, has lost what it used to really be about; fighting the regime and pissing off the government. But now Gulls make sure that they focus on what’s really important to them and scream it from the rooftops.

‘Shop’ is a punk banger with those heavy riffs and drum lines accentuating the vocals; no matter where you are in the UK, you’ll be able to absolutely relate to its poignant message.

Listen to ‘Shop’ by Gulls here:

Bekky Smart

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