Track Of The Day: Show Boy – ‘Like That’

Trying to reinvent a genre that is already so diverse can be difficult, and yet with new single ‘Like That’, London-based alt-pop artist Show Boy seems to do just that.

Taken from his upcoming debut EP Surreal, ‘Like That’ starts off simple; a gentle kick and snare behind a light-hearted guitar riff, before a short and poppy synth joins the mix. From the get-go, the beat is catchy, oozing perfect summer vibes. Of the track, Show Boy explains:

It’s about the confusion and panic felt when you realise you have more affinity with a past snapshot of yourself than the person you currently are.”

This juxtaposition of ‘Like That’s uptempo music, with the deeper, more meaningful, lyrics is something extraordinary and wonderful; marking the track out as a poignant, impassioned pop anthem. 

Show Boy, aka Jovis Lane, adds something to his music that we haven’t seen before – a unique and exciting prospect in the industry as a whole. 


Surreal, the upcoming EP from Show Boy, is set for release next month. Catch Show Boy live at the EP launch on 11th July at Dalston Superstore.

Bekky Smart

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