Track Of The Day: Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something -‘Find A Place’

Having previously wowed us with their kaleidoscopic offerings, including EP Someone Else To Blame and the hypnotic psychedelia of their last single ‘Helen Is A Reptile’, GIHE fave Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something has now joined Trapped Animal Records, along with the likes of The Baby Seals and Kerry Devine.

To celebrate, they have shared brand new single ‘Find A Place’. Comprised of two different recorded mono performances of the track, both mixed together to form the stereo version, it instantly captivates the ears with its fuzzy whirr, twinkling hooks and the distinctive soaring majesty of Jemma’s vocals. Another spellbinding offering from JFATCS, ‘Find A Place’ oozes a swirling, ethereal haze, building to a powerful outpouring of emotion. Of the track, Jemma explains:

“The song is about feeling empowered and finding your stage, or a place where you fit in aphysically and psychologically. The concept of the song itself is about the duality of our internal and external representations of ourselves. The idea of feeling empowered and the external image finally matching with my internal narrative. I’ve always felt genderless or imbued with maleness when I play live, but it wasn’t until I performed in drag that I felt I could access those parts of me. For those elements to align was a powerful experience. The kind of cathartic nature of finally presenting your most inner power very publicly and using what could be paranoia or undermining thoughts to your advantage.”


Produced by Mark Estall, ‘Find A Place’ is out 2nd August via Trapped Animal Records/Cargo Records. Oh Really, What’s That Then?, the upcoming album from Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something, is set for release later this year. 

Mari Lane

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