Track Of The Day: Feral Five – ‘EGO’

Having previously wowed us with their unique, vibrant live show at The Finsbury, and more recently this year at Cro Cro Land, London/Kent based duo Kat and Drew, aka Feral Five, have now shared an innovative new track.

A take down and take over of monster egos everywhere, ‘EGO’ is propelled by throbbing, pulsating beats and glitchy hooks alongside its buzzing chip tune sounds and part German lyrics. A disconcerting, whirring soundscape that builds to an ’80s inspired electro-punk anthem, oozing an immersive, driving energy and seductive allure. 

Listen to ‘EGO’ here:


The EGO launch show is on 29th September on the Tamesis Dock. Presented by ArtHertz at the Totally Thames Festival, it features Feral Five live, a live AV ambient set by Richard Norris (The Grid / Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve), and the Tamesis Trilogy I short film premiere – directed by Dennis Da Silva.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Garry Hensey

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