LISTEN: People Club – ‘Kil Scott’

Laid back, hazy beats and smooth vocals permeate ‘Kil Scott’, the latest single from Berlin five-piece People Club. The track shares the same title as the band’s upcoming EP, which is set for release on 15th November.

Accompanied by an animated video which was shot and directed by Morioh Sonder, ‘Kil Scott’ is a sultry tune that explores the perspective of an uneasy gold-digger who is waiting for her decrepit husband to die. The band’s seductive soundscape provides the perfect backdrop for this tale of inner conflict.

It’s a fitting track for an EP that’s based around the destruction of a fictional character – Scott – who embodies all of the values that the band themselves dislike. Singing about issues like sexism, racism, homophobia, the band’s distinctive aesthetic blends lyrical social commentary with a classic soul ensemble with a generous helping of lavish effects and synthesizers.

People Club are set to play at The Islington on 28th November, so if you like the sound of ‘Kil Scott’, grab a ticket here. Listen to their new track below and follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

People Club Live Dates 2019
4th October – Workmans Club, DUBLIN
21st November – Club Acud, BERLIN
28th November – The Islington, LONDON

Kate Crudgington

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