WATCH: Ellen Krauss – ‘Criminal To Love’

Tender vocals and raw guitar sounds underscore Swedish artist Ellen Krauss‘ poignant message about heartbreak on her latest single ‘Criminal To Love’. The track is accompanied by a dramatic new video, which shows Ellen and her friends executing elaborate acts of vandalism on the sunny streets of LA.

“Destructive love is strangely attractive and before you know it, you are in the middle of it” laments Ellen about the concept behind her latest release. It’s a familiar feeling for many who feel they are tangled up in an unequal relationship, but Ellen somehow manages to turn these feelings of inadequacy and weakness in to captivating songs that show her strength as both a songwriter, and a young woman.

The video for the new track is also another example of how Ellen takes a difficult situation, and turns it in to something more manageable. Ellen explains further: “Making the video for ‘Criminal to Love’ was a cool new experience. We shot it in the suburbs of LA, in a torn down liquor store and a staged trailer park. I like the way the film gives the audience behind the scenes footage and an honest view of film-making. Someone’s powdering my nose, and then it cuts to me robbing the cashier. I had lots of fun making this. Throwing eggs at people is not an everyday thing, nor is spray painting for me.”

Ellen will be releasing more music throughout the year, with her first EP currently in the pipeline. For now, we’re content to sit with her new video. Watch the visuals for ‘Criminal To Love’ below, and follow Ellen Krauss on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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