Track Of The Day: Lucia & The Best Boys – ‘Good Girls Do Bad Things’

In an eerie and roaring manner Lucia & The Best Boys (previously LUCIA) serve us a riveting new taste with their single ‘Good Girls Do Bad Things’. Stepping beyond their roots, the band, in collaboration with producer Carlos De La Garza (Paramore, Best Coast), embark on a soundscape that marries lively ‘80s synth pads with the edge of ‘90s grunge.

‘Good Girls Do Bad Things’ is a pulsing feminist anthem that demands attention from its listeners the moment the striking snare hits. Opening up the song, frontwoman Lucia Fairfull’s powerful vocal melody immediately conveys passion and fierceness that embodies the single’s feeling entirely. With sharp melodic strumming the dirty guitar tone glistens in the name of assertiveness as the perfect correspondence with the song’s ethereal synth preparing listeners for an enchanting, explosive chorus.

As the mix thickens and fast-paced percussion fuels an immense energy, ‘Good Girls Do Bad Things’ creates its own troubled yet addictive universe in its cathartic singalong chorus. The melody portrays both celebration and the hurt of a woman who has presumably sacrificed to survive, a harsh reality for some but a feeling not dwelled upon by Lucia.

‘Good Girls Do Bad Things” is the sound of a woman’s backbone in a realistic world of “bad habits and nothing new”. It is filled with vengeful intentions but sustains an emotional disposition throughout, illustrated by both its lyrics and instrumental tones. Lucia & The Best Boys leave listeners on the edge with their single’s quick conclusion. ‘Good Girls Do Bad Things’ is the ideal taste teaser for their upcoming EP eagerly expected in 2020.

Jillian Goyeau

Photo Credit: Tony Wooliscroft

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