Track Of The Day: Tiberius B – ‘No Smoke’

Building upon the dream-pop melodies of the Vancouver duo known as Mu, that have taken us on various adventures in the tragedies of youth, Canadian singer-songwriter Francesca Belcourt’s renewed focus under a new musical moniker – Tiberius b – has resulted in a critically reflective debut single, ‘No Smoke’.

“After a long period of patient solitude,” Belcourt’s honest conversation to themselves is channelled into a beautifully heartfelt guitar ballad for those that struggle, through doubt and mistrust, to accept love. “Why do I find love like this disarming?” “There’s no smoke, no fire  / Cut it out, I’m tired.”

Through deep self-contemplation, Belcourt’s intimate, optimistic, and often cynical lyricism is complemented by nostalgia-laden guitar hooks and stripped-back percussion. Mixed with enthusiasm by Cecile Believe, an atmospheric soundscape is created that is as delightful to listen to as it is harrowing.

As Tiberius b, Francesca Belcourt is building a musical foundation for more ideas, experiences and observations. It is with Belcourt’s captivating storytelling, evident as both one half of Mu and as a solo artist, that ‘No Smoke’ sets the groundwork for future introspection and an ever-evolving sound.

‘No Smoke’ is out now.

Ken Wynne

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