LISTEN: Emerson – ‘A Longing And Needing’

‘A Longing And Needing’ is the first single from new North London artist Emerson, whose creative spirit is inspired by poetry and rooted in collaboration. Emerson works closely with producers, choreographers, photographers, videographers and artists to bridge the worlds of art and pop together. The single features her soulful vocals against expressive electronic beats, which do not overpower the song.

It has a slow, soft start, introducing a breezy vocal, implying that this is a love song, but it isn’t… “God knows I tried, you didn’t see her lies, it’s plain to see that the Devil has meddled between you and me.” The song is about two friends who have betrayed her trust, and how she deals with the feelings. These range from nostalgia – “I like to think to think that you think of me”, to passionate and confused, where the tempo is increased and some distortion creeps into the sound. The song ends with a self-imposed acceptance, “It’s fine,” but it also draws you in and leaves you wondering if acceptance is the better half of loneliness, and if the ‘friend’ ever cared.

A very promising start from this innovative artist, and I look forward to hearing more.

Listen to ‘A Longing And Needing’ on Spotify now :


Fi Ni Aicead

Photo Credit: Jemima Marriott

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