Video Premiere: MALMØ – ‘Farewell Roaring Ocean’

Following 2018’s critically acclaimed debut album We Come From The Stars and praise from the likes of BBC 6 Music and BBC London, Danish artist Maria Malmoe, aka MALMØ, is set to release her upcoming EP The Inevitable End, very soon. The EP consists of a prediction in four parts – each one representing a different way of the world collapsing if we don´t change our behaviour.

Now, MALMØ has shared an hypnotic new video for part three of the EP, ‘Farewell Roaring Ocean’. Oozing a swirling ethereal aura alongside Maria’s soaring celestial vocals, it brings to mind the quirky majesty of Björk as it builds with a twinkling emotion to a stirring alt-pop anthem. Addressing the world’s rising water levels, ‘Farewell Roaring Ocean’ captivates with a spellbinding grandeur and immersive musicality. Of the meaning behind the track, Maria explains:

“On a personal level, I’m saying goodbye to the part of me that seeks out turbulent or troubled ‘waters’, and welcoming the still, serene waters of simplicity and non-attachment to the material world… On a wider environmental scale, it’s about bidding farewell to the vast oceans as we know them. Despite water levels and water temperatures rising, we remain consumed by material desires and perceived needs – when we should be looking towards nature while there is still time.”

Watch the serene new video for ‘Farewell Roaring Ocean’ now:

‘Farewell Roaring Ocean’ is out this Friday, 28th February via Integrity Records.

Mari Lane

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