Track Of The Day: Bang Bang Romeo – ‘You & I’

Following the release of their much acclaimed debut album A Heartbreaker’s Guide To The Galaxy, GIHE faves Bang Bang Romeo are back with another empowering offering.

A poignant, impassioned anthem rallying against the injustices faced by the LGBTQ+ community, ‘You & I’ blasts into the ears with the soulful, emotion-strewn vocals of front woman Stars, oozing an immense fiery power alongside catchy frenzied hooks and a driving energy.

Confronting Stars’ anger and heartbreak about the Florida shootings at Pulse nightclub and at violence against the LGBTQ+ community in general, it’s a heartbreakingly stirring anthem; a true cry for solidarity by the out and proud artist, that we all need now more than ever. Of the track, Stars explains:

I was sat at home when the news came through about the shootings at Pulse. Someone who was being interviewed explained that there were two people in there that had just got engaged to one another. Their lives were about to begin together and someone took that away from them, purely because they were gay. So I wrote this song. It’s a Romeo and Romeo tale, with some personal bits in there too. It’s me at my angriest and most protective of my sexuality.”

Watch the poignant new video for ‘You & I’ here (Trigger Warning: Explicit content and images of violence):

Tickets for Bang Bang Romeo’s tour are out now. Though, in these uncertain times, keep an eye on the band’s social media for all updates.

Mari Lane

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