LISTEN: Madge – ‘Ethanol’

A gritty, electronic pop tune that explores self-destructive tendencies; non-binary artist Madge has shared their latest single, ‘Ethanol’. Released via 22TWENTY, the track is a chaotic blend of dense beats, hushed vocals, and manic synth textures.

Having just been announced as an artist in residency for ‘Future Classics x Dropbox’, LA-based Madge has been attracting attention in all the right places with their one-person show.

Madge extrapolates about the context of the ‘Ethanol’: “Inherited trauma as compulsive self-destruction. For every garbage fire I put out in my brain, I find myself dumping gasoline on another. I find myself wondering if I just accept this state of things. I created this song with Lecx Stacy who brought in the grit and grime to my vision.”

This “grit” along with some catchy dance beats makes Madge’s music an explosive, energetic affair. Listen to ‘Ethanol’ below, and follow Madge on Spotify & Facebook for more updates.


Kate Crudgington

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