LISTEN: Bugeye – ‘When The Lights Go Out’

As the nation sits at home, drinking too much booze and slathering themselves in hand sanitiser, Bugeye’s new single, ‘When The Lights Go Out’, feels incredibly relevant. With lyrics that focus on escapism, it’ll have you raising your fist, or a lukewarm can of Strongbow, in solidarity.

“I like to drink…”, sings front-person Angela Martin, “I like to lose myself…” And in times like these, who couldn’t emphathise with that? Not to say that ‘When The Lights Go Out’ is a downer, far from it. In fact, I feel a little gutted that, for the time being, it will just be played in homes, rather than blasted across crowded dance-floors like it deserves.

A swaggering piece of disco-punk, the song blends crunchy rock ‘n’ roll guitars and snarling vocals with swirling keyboards and poppy harmonies. A total earworm brimming with attitude, it charges you up and makes you want to move your feet. Even if it is just around your sitting room.

Bugeye have been around since the late ‘90s and their experience really shows on this single. Polished, professional and unashamedly poppy, it makes you wonder what other gems can be found on their debut album, which is out in the summer.


Produced by Paul Tipler, ‘When The Lights Go Out’ is released 24th April. Bugeye’s upcoming debut album is due for release in June.

Vic Conway

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