LISTEN: LIME – ‘Toad Men’

A witty commentary on the folks you might see on your cheap-and-cheerful package holiday, LIME have shared their latest track, ‘Toad Men’. Released today (1st May), the track was recorded during the current lockdown period, and any money raised from downloads & purchases of the accompanying zine will go straight to charity!

Coming together from across the UK, LIME are now based in Brighton, and the four-piece mix elements of psych, indie, and other genres to create their buoyant guitar tunes. Following on from previous single ‘Surf n Turf’, ‘Toad Men’ sees the group musing about the characters they’ve come across on their budget travels.

“Thomas cooked it, overbooked it this time” the band jest, with deadpan “oooh la las” and garage rock riffs underscoring their observations about “Mayfair cigarettes and eating fish and chips.” It’s easy to imagine you’re somewhere else when listening to the track, and that’s exactly the kind of escapism the band had in mind when they were writing it.

Listen to ‘Toad Men’ below and follow LIME on bandcamp & Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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