Video Premiere: Saachi Sen – ‘Flaunt’

Having charmed us with the twinkling musicality of previous single ‘Dark’, as well as playing to a crowd of 10,000 people at last year’s London Pride, Mumbai-born Londoner Saachi Sen has now returned to grace our ears with her brand new single.

Filled with beautifully lilting melodies and plenty of sunny vibes, ‘Flaunt’ flows with Sen’s rich, honey-sweet vocals as she sings with a shimmering heartfelt emotion. A “cute pop song about having a trophy boyfriend”, it’s just an utterly uplifting and totally charming offering, oozing a gentle soothing splendour; a perfect antidote to these uncertain times.

Of the track, Sen explains:

I feel like there are many songs from a male perspective that focus on getting an attractive female partner and then being able to brag about it. I’ve rarely come across similar songs from a woman’s point of view – and there’s a wider stereotype that women approach relationships in an emotional and dramatic way. Flaunt challenges that. Ultimately I just wrote how I was feeling, and ended up with something light-hearted, playfully superficial and totally drama-free.”

Watch the home-made live video for ‘Flaunt’ now:

Mari Lane

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