LISTEN: Tora – ‘Call Your Name’

A captivating exploration of inequality and unbalanced power dynamics; Tora has shared her latest single, ‘Call Your Name’. Produced by Courage, the track is a soulful blend of steady beats, saxophone sounds and smooth vocals that prove Tora has a talent for commanding listeners attention.

Self-described as “empathy with a sharp tongue”, Tora’s music is as edgy as it is enigmatic. On ‘Call Your Name’, she shuns the idea of seeking validation from others, delivering her own story with her soft, yet powerful vocals. “They don’t write stories ’bout women like me” she sings; determined to shake up the narrative and write her own.

Following on from her previous singles ‘Vein’ and ‘Pisonia Prologue’, ‘Call Your Name’ is another example of Tora’s ability to coolly observe injustices, and transform them in to captivating tunes. Listen to ‘Call Your Name’ below and follow Tora on Instagram & Spotify for more updates.


Kate Crudgington

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