Track Of The Day: Scarlet – ‘Friends’

Scarlet are punching away lockdown loneliness with their latest post-punk single ‘Friends’ – dedicated to our NHS frontline heroes, and anybody who finds themselves struggling in this present situation. 

Scarlet have heavily reinforced their DIY ethos by pulling together their limited resources in order to create a unifying, energising anthem complete with a pulsating bass-line. Although the single reflects upon the emotional upheaval of isolation, we are not left to dwell on the negatives for too long, as it is difficult to resist bouncing along to the kicking riffs and soaring vocals of Jessie Robinson.  

The accompanying homemade video also does much to raise our spirits as Get In Her Ears favourites such as Salvation Jayne and Tiger Mimic, to name a few, showcase their moves with vigour. Within the space of just a few minutes Scarlet have proven with their latest hit that, despite isolation, we are all still united and making memories with one another is definitely still possible. 

Watch the uplifting new video for ‘Friends’ here:

Nicky Lee-Delisle

Photo Credit: Asupremeshot

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