Track Of The Day: Tamara – ‘Colours’

Oxford-based Singer-songwriter, Tamara Parsons-Baker has now shared the first single from her upcoming debut solo album. When she isn’t performing solo, Tamara fronts her band Death of the Maiden whose musical style is described as post-punk/baroque-pop. Her new solo single, ‘Colours’, however, is a step in a lighter direction.

Tamara’s storytelling skills are just as well utilised in a folk-pop song. ‘Colours’ has a slow acoustic start, where she asks the lover/friend to “paint a happy picture”, before suggesting a journey by car.

The song is setting up happy memories for the couple. The male backing vocal coming in on the second verse complements the idea that they need each other to “…fill our palettes up.” The metaphor of painting suggests depression, “I stopped seeing colours”, where yellow turned into black. The only way back is the happy memory of the journey together, singing Grey Reverend songs.

This song is gentle, romantic, and hopeful. The mood is light and uplifting, but the lyrics tell a slightly darker tale, where hope is lost and found. The voices, like the colours, blend into a lovely musical painting creating a truly spellbinding canvas of sounds; the perfect song to carry us into summer.


Fi Ni Aicead


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