Track Of The Day: NAVA – ‘Sarabe’

A beguiling mix of measured vocals and commanding beats; NAVA have shared their latest single, ‘Sarabe’. Lifted from their upcoming EP of the same name (which is set for release on 12th June via Nettwerk), the track’s brooding electronic instrumentation creates a sound as cinematic as the visuals that accompany it.

Originally from Tehran but now based in Milan, NAVA are formed of frontwoman Nava Golchini and producer/writer Francesco Fugazza. They blend Persian-dance inspired beats, industrial elements and hypnotic vocals to create their intoxicating sounds, and ‘Sarabe’ is a shining example of this.

“I see ‘Sarabe’ in shades of red, white and black, in blue skies, sand and rocks.” explains Golchini about the track. “I think of a vast monotonous landscape much greater than our control, like “Kavir e Lut”, a majestic desert in the heart of Iran. The song expresses that melancholic and homesick feeling I live with. ‘Sarabe’ is warm and familiar, a positive feeling but by nightfall, all of those sentiments are stripped away. Just like the meaning of ‘Sarabe’, which is a mirage, an illusion, a deja-vu which lets you consecutively lose the sense of reality”.

The video for ‘Sarabe’ reflects many of Golchini’s notions about the track. Directed by Simone Rovellini, it was shot in a quarry just hours before Northern Italy’s first Covid-19 lockdown. Watch the visuals for ‘Sarabe’ below and follow NAVA on Spotify & Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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