Track Of The Day: Hex Poseur – ‘Quiet’

A scathing retaliation aimed at all those who’ve tried to silence her; Hex Poseur has shared her latest single, ‘Quiet’. Filled with brooding bass lines and snarling lyrics, she tackles the ways in which women and girls try to minimise their behaviours when they’re affected by consistently negative opinions.

Although she’s predominantly a solo artist, Hex Poseur works with session musicians Holly Osborne (bass) and Billy Mattock (drums) to create her punk-infused sounds. The band’s name and sound are heavily inspired by 70s punk icon Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex, with the word ‘Poseur’ taken from their track ‘I Am A Poseur’, which makes fun of people who label others as “not real” punks.

Hex Poseur describes her single ‘Quiet’ as an “incredibly personal” song, as it reflects on her own experiences of bullying and feeling like an outsider. “[I went] from being an outgoing child to a shy, reserved teenager due to bullying and the social politics of secondary school. This was something that stuck with me for ages and only recently have I started to feel more confident and outgoing again.” This confidence boost is certainly present during ‘Quiet’ with its distorted riffs and riotous chorus.

“Growing up, I dealt more and more with being silenced by men and witnessing other women being silenced, which was another battle that I, and most (if not all) women have struggled with.” Hex Poser continues. “Especially in music, women are often encouraged to stick to soft and inoffensive music, and rock is seen as much more masculine. The end of ‘Quiet’ is basically a massive “fuck you”, telling all these people that I’m here whether they like it or not.”

Hex Poseur’s cathartic single sends out a message of strength and solidarity to women who are tired of being quiet. Listen to the track below and follow Hex Poseur on Spotify and Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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