LISTEN: Siân Alexander – ‘Blizz’

Having previously charmed our ears as vocalist of Gold Baby, songwriter Siân Alexander has now shared her first solo material. In the spring of 2018 Siân tied an acoustic guitar, a keyboard, a suitcase and a flute to a folding trolley and made the long commute by tube, train, ferry and bus from London to County Wicklow in Ireland to write an album. And she has now shared the first single from the album.

Oozing a blissful, melancholic aura, ‘Blizz’ flows with twinkling melodies alongside Siân’s luscious smooth vocals. With a shimmering emotion and folk-strewn musicality, it’s a beautiful, contemplative ballad with a gritty edge; a simply spellbinding, goosebump-inducing, introduction to this solo collection.

Listen to ‘Blizz’ here:


Siân has committed to producing and releasing one song from the solo album each month. ‘Blizz’ will be followed by ‘Henry’ on the 18th of June, with all ten tracks due to be released before the year is out.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: @zeashanashraf

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