Track Of The Day: Aislinn Logan – ‘What Everybody’s After’

A shimmering ode to happiness and unfiltered feelings, London-based, Belfast born artist Aislinn Logan has shared her latest single ‘What Everybody’s After’. Lifted from her upcoming EP, Look, I’m Flyin, the track is an ambient celebration of queer love.

“Writing a song this forthright about being in love is rebellious in itself. I didn’t want to shy away from the sincerity of my feelings,” Logan explains. The songwriter confidently explores her emotions through spaced out beats, buoyant electronics and smooth vocals. Logan recorded and produced the track at home, making the sentiments behind it feel even more genuine.

“’What Everybody’s After’ is about feeling so light that you’re nostalgic for the present moment. I wanted to make something unapologetically sincere about feeling prismatic happiness, and just bathing in it when you get there.” Logan’s celebration of living for the now and appreciating the one you love makes for a reassuring, carefree listen.

Check out ‘What Everybody’s After’ below and follow Aislinn Logan on Spotify & Facebook for more updates.


Photo Credit: Rory James

Kate Crudgington

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