A savage combination of wicked guitar riffs, sardonic vocals and witty lyrics, Essex-based artist BLAB has shared her debut single ‘R.I.P’. Released today (3rd July) via Cool Thing Records, the track is a cathartic expression of personal frustration designed to help listeners move past their lingering resentments.

“Being able to express anger in an unfiltered way can be super super healthy, as long as you’re not hurting others” explains Frances Murray – aka BLAB. ON ‘R.I.P’ she playfully rips through her unresolved anguish, turning it into an indie-pop, punk-infused anthem. “To me, it feels like a reclamation of power to be able to freely express my anger from that time in my life. It’s such a bold statement that it had to be the first single; it’s like opening a can of worms and a firework coming at you instead!”

The accompanying video for ‘R.I.P’ was shot by Murray during isolation and playfully reflects both the frustrations explored in the track, and the restrictions the lockdown has imposed on artists. BLAB won’t be held back by these things though, and ‘R.I.P’ is a hectic debut from this emerging new talent.

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Kate Crudgington

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