Track Of The Day: Aphty Khéa – ‘Pengvibe’

A captivating blend of glitchy beats and hypnotic synth samples, Aphty Khéa has shared her latest single ‘Pengvibe’. Released via her own label Midnite Kanni, the track is an energetic offering inspired by the producer’s activism.

Currently based in Kreuzberg in Berlin, Aphty Khéa is a half Greek, half British artist who combines sonic and visual elements to create her stimulating, exciting electronic music. ‘Pengvibe’ and its accompanying video are a shining example of this. Khéa’s fast-paced editing matches the vivid beats of the track, designed to empower listeners and spread good vibes – or “pengvibes” as she’s accurately dubbed them.

The single initially came to life in a refugee squat in Athens, and the visuals take fans on an intimate journey through the shared experiences of multiple individuals and intertwined friend groups, many of whom met at the squat. It offers a deeply personal perspective on “an ordinary life”, from London house parties and walks through Berlin, to Lahore markets and Kaohsiung dragon boat races.

Watch the nostalgic video for ‘Pengvibe’ below and follow Aphty Khéa on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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