Track Of The Day: HAWXX – ‘Dogma’

Having previously blown us away with their immense live show, mega rockers HAWXX follow their last seething offering ‘Deadlands’ with raging new single ‘Dogma’.

An immense call to action in the face of a culture that is constantly telling us we’re not enough, it races with a riotous energy as the soaring gritty vocals of front person Anna rage against frenzied beats and fierce hooks, creating a blazing cathartic anthem. Of the track, Anna reflects:

I was thinking how normalised it is for us women to hate ourselves, to always wish we were different somehow. We are constantly caught between two messages. We are either not enough or we are too much. It’s revolutionary to say ‘I’m content with myself exactly as I am’.”

Featuring footage from the Chilean Las Tesis protests, watch the powerful new video for ‘Dogma’ now:

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Kriz-p

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