Track Of The Day: Madame So – ‘You Say’

Madame So provides a cathartic dose of resilience and optimism on her latest single ‘You Say’. The Paris-born, London-based songwriter’s vocals flow over fuzzy guitar riffs as she dismantles feelings of negativity and despondency in her lyrics.

Following on from her previous release ‘Generation Y’, Madame So has teamed up with Brazilian illustrator Tomás Santos on ‘You Say’ to create an animated lyric video for the track. She recalls her first interactions with the artist: “In January 2019, I got a notification on Instagram that I had been tagged by a certain Tomás. I clicked on the post only to gasp at the beautiful illustration of a shot of me by photographer Crawford Blair. Tomas’s work is one of a kind, as confirmed by my friend Julian Molinero of the band Medusa who when he saw it wowed, I quote, ‘that’s the sort of thing ya pay absolutely loads for!’ Well, I was blessed with Tomas’s gift to me, and here we are now in full-blown collaboration.”

“‘You Say’ is a song about stonewalling negativity and seeing the bright side of things in life”, she continues. “It is aimed at all the killjoys, naysayers, narcissists as well as all the ambitious, optimists and resilient.” Watch the video for the track below and follow Madame So on Facebook & bandcamp for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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