Track Of The Day: MJ Guider – ‘FM Secure’

Murky, industrial sounds permeate ‘FM Secure’, the latest single from MJ Guider. Lifted from her upcoming album Sour Cherry Bell, which is set for release on 18th September via Kranky, Guider’s shadowy electronics smoulder alongside her atmospheric, beguiling vocals.

Based in New Orleans, MJ Guider (aka Melissa Guion) blends elements of shoegaze, gothic pop and industrial sounds to create her hypnotic music. On her upcoming album, Guider explores power dynamics, musing about the notion of “lost and found, corporeal and cerebral, harnessed and exploited, of one and many, in this reality and the next.” This musing extends to ‘FM Secure’, its ominous glow intensifying with each listen.

Speaking about her upcoming record and the tools she used to create it, Guider explains: “I was curious to see how far I could go with them, even if that meant reaching the ends of their capacity to do what I wanted. But I never exhausted them and they never exhausted me.” Listen to ‘FM Secure’ below and follow MJ Guider on bandcamp and Instagram for more updates.

Photo Credit: Craig Mulcahy

Kate Crudgington

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