Track Of The Day: Noga Erez – ‘You So Done’

A resilient, emotionally charged offering from a defiant and uncompromising artist, Noga Erez has shared her new single ‘You So Done’ via City Slang. Accompanied by a stunning set of visuals directed by Indy Hait, the Tel Aviv based artist delves deep in to the memories left behind by a toxic relationship, making this her most personal release to date.

“At some point, exactly one year ago, I started flashing back to one of the darkest times in my life,” Erez explains. “I was young, incredibly confused and lonely. There was a moment during this period where I was actually so weak, insecure and in need of love that I was not able to step out of what I know now to be an emotionally abusive relationship.” Erez’s recognition may strike a chord with many listeners who have endured this kind of emotional isolation, and she wants them to know they are not alone and that there is always a way out.

Erez has channelled her fears, frustrations and un-nerving flashbacks into ‘You So Done’, which despite its context, radiates artistic confidence. Far removed from the joviality of previous lockdown inspired single ‘NO News On TV’, Erez’s distinctive sound has evolved further on this new single. “What a joke, what a joke you made me / What’s a Queen to a Joker, tell me” she taunts over spacious beats and warped electronics, her calm delivery belying any resentment she feels about her experiences.

Erez’s patience and willingness to explore her memories in the track and the accompanying video are what make both so impressive. Her third collaboration with Tel Aviv-based director Indy Hait, the visuals for ‘You’re So Done’ felt risky to Erez in the beginning. “Usually, I have an idea or I work with a director on an idea together. I decided to let [Hait] do his thing. He offered up an idea that included a robot and I immediately hated it. I was just not able to imagine how it wouldn’t come off as a science fiction video and felt it wasn’t my style. But after talking and tearing the idea apart, I realised that this is a truly meaningful character.

The robot in this video is actually not the violent character. Its job was to portray the act of violence through transferring the moves from an unseen character and helping them come alive visually. The video uses muscle memory as the ‘engine’ to that violent dance act, and muscle memory is something that fascinates me. Eventually this video is far from being science fiction, it is my most personal video to date.”

Watch the video for ‘You’re So Done’ below and follow Noga Erez on bandcamp, Facebook & Spotify for more updates

Kate Crudgington

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