ALBUM: The Gravity Drive – ‘The Wildlight’

The Gravity Drive are a harmony driven, alternative pop band led by spouses Elijah and Ava Wolf. They independently release records on their own label from their house near Bridport in Dorset. Having received acclaim from the likes of BBC Radio 2, their second album, The Wildlight, features a series of powerful songs that promote self-worth, self-discovery and self-actualisation. They cover different styles (psychedelia, pop, dance) and embellish the atmosphere of the songs by experimenting with sounds. The result is an upbeat, inspirational album which showcases their range.

Opener, ‘Hits Like a Fix’, is a gentle intro; a piano-led pop ballad, with cinematic leanings, the prophetic lyricism shines through with a poignancy – “we lost our freedom to the fever again”, suggesting the chemistry of fated love.

Loving relationships are also explored in songs such as ‘Shooting Star’, ‘Inside Out’, and the beautifully lyrical ‘Forever’ – inducing romanticised longings.

There are also heavier moments… as more rock-inspired songs also stand out with enlightening themes of self-empowerment. For example, title track ‘The Wildlight’, ‘Kaleidoscope’, and closing track ‘Wake of the Dawn’ have a spiritual and theatrical feel in their exquisite layering of voices and thrashing guitars, creating a majestic, sweeping atmosphere.

The collection ends with a bang to the rallying cry of “This is a call”… And so it is. This album will have you believing in the power of Love, and the light at the end of the tunnel. What more do you need in these strange times?


The Wildlight is out now. Listen on Spotify or buy on iTunes.

Fi Ni Aicead

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