Track Of The Day: CATBEAR – ‘Who Are You?’

A heady, retro-pop tune about the breath-taking nature of new found lust, London-based duo CATBEAR have shared their latest single ‘Who Are You?’. Full of lush synth sounds and snappy yet danceable beats, the track is an aural flirtation designed to provide a moment of joy during uncertain times.

“This was so much fun to write,” explains band member Zoe Konez. “I came up with the first half of the song on a train during my commute on one of the last days before [the first] lockdown and we developed it during those first few long weeks of quarantine where making music kept us going.” Along with bandmate Sarah Smith, Konez wrote, recorded and produced CATBEAR’s new music fromhome over the summer, an achievement that’s made even more impressive by the fact that Smith worked on the frontline in A&E for the NHS throughout the pandemic, and that Konez runs a music programme in a mental health hospital.

‘Who Are You?’ is a wonderfully upbeat escape from the pressures of the duo’s daily routine, brimming with that infectious and overwhelming feeling of attraction when you find your thoughts spiralling over a new crush. Listen to the new single below and follow CATBEAR on bandcampFacebook and Spotify for more updates.


Kate Crudgington

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