LISTEN: Zelha – ‘Player One’

Pop artist Zelha has just released new single ‘Player One’, taken from her debut EP which will be released over the course of the next year.

A melancholic ode to someone who’s just out of reach, even when they’re holding your hand, ‘Player One’ is an instant alt-pop earworm. Zelha, with soulful and rich tones, laments a lover who is more focused on winning the game and levelling up than on connecting with others, as subtle drops and rhythmic synths flow throughout. A heartfelt sonic gem, ‘Player One’ puts us into a longing space, watching someone we love slip away right between our fingers.

Born to Beligan and Mexican parents, Zelha takes her unique perspective straight into her songwriting. Citing influences like Dolly Parton and Lorde, the singer/songwriter infuses her music with honest, emotion-strewn storytelling.

Aisha Kasmir

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