WATCH: Kadija Kamara – ‘Best Moves’

With her positive attitude and talent for filtering contemporary music elements through a nostalgic lens, Kadija Kamara‘s sound is equal parts catchy, vibrant and motivational. The London-based songwriter has shared a video to accompany her latest single ‘Best Moves’ and it’s a bright reflection on working hard, keeping your chin up and spreading good vibes.

“I filmed [the video for] ‘Best Moves’ with a bunch of amazing creative friends and completed the edit myself,” Kamara explains. “It was filmed across various locations in London. I planned to film it earlier this year, but due to pandemic it didn’t quite work out, but I am happy with the results. You’ll catch me dancing and roller skating in clips acros the video. I picked up skating during lockdown which has become a big part of my life today.”

“I wanted to show different characters in the video doing things that they love. The characters include a passionate tennis player, a male roller skater. A model being photographed at a photoshoot, but also doing a great job as a mum with her child on set. Dance teachers and their young students. A singer, a DJ who has a love for dancing and other normal people just living their day to day lives. I want everyone to feel included, which is why I filmed a range of people. A lot of my friends got involved which I feel very grateful for.”

With her afro-pop inspired sounds and uplifting visuals, Kamara is helping listeners push through self doubt and make the most of their best moves. Watch the video below.

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Kate Crudgington

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