Track Of The Day: KIN – ‘Wander & Lost’

In a luscious and ethereal soundscape that creates an entire universe of its own, ambient indie-poppers KIN bring us their third single of 2020, ‘Wander & Lost’. 

Consisting of Grace, Ritu and Adam, London’s KIN share a sound that stretches so far with only three players. Soaring, celestial tones span across acres of space while haunting vocals follow the song’s melancholic instrumental path. Heavy bass explores the depths of ‘Wander & Lost’ and takes listeners deep into its waters, pleasantly complementing the guitar parts that modulate above. 

With dainty riffs that scurry between lyrical phrases rather than through them, KIN still allow themselves the room for lyrics to remain an artistic focus. The emotion brought forth in ‘Wander & Lost’ bridges the gap between dream pop and indie-emo, as KIN draw yearning inspiration from Andre Aciman’s moving novel Call Me By Your Name.

There is an unquestionable desperation within the story of ‘Wander & Lost’, and yet nothing but honour is held for the subject discussed. Maturity is evident in both KIN’s storytelling and songwriting, and it is obvious that this is a creation of meticulous artistic choice. 

‘Wander & Lost’ is a step into familiar shoes, a destination to ache for what we miss and a place to deeply love what must be to come.

Watch the beautifully shot new video for ‘Wander & Lost’ now:

‘Wander & Lost’ is out now. Listen on Spotify.

Jill Goyeau

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