LISTEN: Borito – ‘Child’

A buoyant, carefree tune reminding listeners to embrace their youthful tendencies, Tel Aviv indie four-piece Borito have shared their latest single ‘Child’. Taken from their upcoming album What We Have Now, the track is a delightfully upbeat distraction that offers a brief moment of relief from the day-to-day pressures of the adult world.

Self-described as a “time machine that sends you back to your summer vacation,” Borito want to create music that simply makes their listeners feel good. Channelling the innocence of their collective 90s childhoods for both lyrical and musical inspiration, the band acknowledge the difficulty of growing up in today’s technology-led world on ‘Child’ and reassure their listeners that a young heart – regardless of your age – is nothing to be ashamed of.

“As always, we see today cultural clashes between young and older generations,” the band explain. “We believe that each person should cherish their inner child and remember we’re all searching for our way in life in one time or another.” Led by vocalist & guitarist Yael Copeland, Borito’s catchy and contemporary alt-pop sound is a cheerful antidote to the grown-up status quo.

Watch the animated video for ‘Child’ below.

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Photo Credit: Ariel Pedatzur

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