Track Of The Day: Maya Lakhani – ‘The Line’

In a loud and driving new single that has as much grit as it does sophistication, Maya Lakhani’s ‘The Line’ is a cathartic release that rings out like a staple alt-rock anthem. From the moment the track dawns, chunky bass and overdriven guitars swell ‘The Line”s mix and sets the scene for a grungy instrumental. 

Crisp, hard-hitting drums keep the song grounded while Maya’s sharp and compelling vocals grab attention and never let go. “I’m always drawn to the darkness, things that rack my mind”, Maya sings with a purging tone. She alludes to the addictiveness of our personal demons with teasing lyrics and words of reflection. ‘The Line’ becomes transformative, however, as Maya describes that the tune is about learning to “set healthy boundaries and about starting again.” 

This personal evolution is depicted emotively through both Maya’s words and the track’s speculative instrumental. With a thick heaviness reminiscent of ’90s bands such as Garbage, and the enticing solitude of PJ Harvey’s vocal performances, Maya Lakhani has curated a modern rock tune that feels DIY, yet is polished with a contemporary edge. ‘The Line’ is a taste of something new, served on a nostalgic platter.

‘The Line’ is out now. Listen here.

Jill Goyeau

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